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The Château de Villa Foundation

The Château de Villa Foundation was the brainchild in 1950 of the Société de Développement de Sierre, led by its successive chairmen Jean de Chastonay and Max Zwissig, its secretary, Paul-Albert Berclaz and one of the members, Charles Rey. The local authority joined the venture, represented by Elie Zwissig, mayor, and Willy Bieri, local councillor. Several groups met over the months: Banque Cantonale du Valais, Commune de Sierre, Bourgeoisie de Sierre, Grand Conseil, Protection du Patrimoine, Office de l'Industrie, du Commerce et de l'Agriculture. The foundation held its initial meeting 17 November 1951 at the Hotel Bellevue, where Elie Zwissig was elected chairman, a post he held until 1977. He was then replaced by another founding member, Paul-Albert Berclaz, who held the post until 1989. Louis Meyer served briefly as interim chairman before Serge Sierro led the foundation, starting in 1991, a post he has held since.


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