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Our snack menu is built around the best terroir products from Valais, offering you authentic regional foods of top quality, whose origins are clear. Among these exceptional products you’ll find our cured meats from our own Alpine pasture-raised pigs.

Try these from our current menu:


  • Dried mignon de porc from Alpine pasture pigs

CHF 18.- 

  • Château’s Valais cheeses and dried meats plate   

CHF 16.- 

  • Château’s Valais cheeses and dried meats platter  

CHF 29.50.- 

  • Valais dried meats plate

CHF 18.- 

  • Valais dried meats platter 

CHF 31.- 

  • Dried lamb from the Goms/Conches valley

CHF 18.- 

  • Valais cheeses: dairy- and pasture-made

CHF 10.- 

  • Valais sausage

CHF 8.- 

  • Cured Alpine pasture pork, small plate  

CHF 22.- 

  • Cured Alpine pasture pork, large plate   

CHF 33.- 


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