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Wine bar – the Villa Solera wine storage room

The Villa Solera room was opened in 2005. It is cooled to reproduce the conditions of the perfect wine cellar: 13C with 85 percent humidity. You’ll find here a selection of older vintage wines (from 1977) as well as a collection of the finest Valais wines. A 700-litre barrel from native oak, made by a young Swiss German cooper, allows us to mature, in-house, a very special white blend from three Valais grape varieties: Rèze, Heida, Ermitage (Marsanne). Every year some of the wine is tasted during the Château fete. Some of the wine is then bottled for the private collection of the chateau and for future tastings. The barrel is promptly topped up with the current vintage. Several vintages are thus blended, year after year, continuing a useful and never-ending cycle.




Lower level


Theatre (chairs) 


Classroom (with tables)


U style (with tables) 


Cocktails (standing) 


Lunch (seated)



Free Wi-Fi


No daylight




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